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Music Policy Resilience Lab

The Center for Music Ecosystems has launched the Music Policy Resilience Lab, a landmark transnational collaboration that aims to implement music policies in remote, rural and isolated communities.

The six Music Policy Resilience Labs are derived from the six core objectives of the report Defining Resilience in Remote and Rural Music Ecosystems. Defining Resilience was also a landmark research project that focused on the role and impact of music ecosystem policy and how it can best be deployed in small, mid-sized and geographically isolated communities.

The Labs will be tested from March 2023 to April 2024 in the field to further music’s role in making places more resilient. Each two-hour Lab will dive into the specific actions that in turn enhance music’s resilience. It will feature global music and cultural policy experts such as Serenade, the Texas Music Office and Live DMA as well as representatives from the participating Lab communities. The Music Policy Resilience Labs will raise awareness about the impact of music in remote communities; deliver specific, actionable best practices for each participating community and create unique cultural and government links between disparate communities, that have never before existed.

The Center for Music Ecosystems is a nonprofit organization with a mission to conduct globally relevant research that supports communities to use music to help solve problems at the local, national and global level.