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NEMO‘s European Museum Conference: Call for Proposals | Deadline 19 June 2024

This year’s European Museum Conference ‘Can we talk? Museums facing polarisation’, taking place from 10-12 November 2024 in Sibiu, Romania, aims to address the pivotal role museums (can) play in today’s challenged democracies. Cultural professionals are invited to contribute and submit proposals for the programme. It consists of conference formats on the stage, the ‘SLAM’ debate format and workshops.

In the face of the recent European elections, it is more essential than ever to talk about democratising processes and practices. How can cultural institutions shape and influence democracy or even defend a political point of view? The first of three eligible formats for proposals, called ‘SLAM – Navigating controversies’, engages speakers with 5 minute formats in a discussion on how museums can deal with backlash and criticism when reacting to sensitive topics. Workshops form the second part of the conference, giving practical insights into and providing strategies for any relevant topic like communiction skills or anti-bias training. Lastly, the third possible area reflects on museums and community engagement, especially the relationships with underrepresented groups, or museums and political influence in 5-8 minutes formats. 

The Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) notifies applicants from July 1st onward if their proposal will be part of the annual forum. Applicants submit a short description of the content and the approach of their format a well as an own biography. If your submission will be featured in the programme depends on whether it is relevant to current conflicts, offers solutions and broadens horizons through strong opinions or successful best practices. Pitching or advertising formats won’t receive a slot at the conference, since it is meant to inspire and provoke thoughts and changes among the heads of museums and cultural institutions. 

Do you want to enrich the conference with your contribution to the workshops, SLAM or conference format? Read more here and send your application to office[at] Click to let NEMO send you a reminder once the registration opens. 

Deadline: 19 June 2024 

Woman viewing artwork in museum

Photo by Klaudia Piaskowska