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Nordic Culture Point Funding

Nordic Culture Point administers different grant programmes that provide the opportunity to create culture, conduct projects and create meetings between artists and cultural workers in the Nordic region and Baltic states.

The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture  strengthens artistic and cultural cooperation in the Nordic and Baltic regions. The programme focuses on increasing the exchange of knowledge and contacts as well as the presence and interest in Nordic and Baltic art and culture. The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme consists of three forms of support: mobility support, networking support and residency support for professional artists or cultural workers from following countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and the Åland Islands. The first funding periods in 2022 will start on 3 January and end on 31 January.

Norden 0-30 grant programme is a support programme for young people in the Nordic countries, aged 0-30, who have a creative project idea that needs funding. The projects supported can be about culture, social issues and/or politics, and the maximum amount that can be applied for is €50,000. Norden 0-30 (formerly NORDBUK) is established by the Nordic Committee for Children and Youth, an advisory and co-ordinating body on all children and youth issues in the Nordic Council of Ministers. The first funding period will take place between 10 January and 10 February 2022.

The Culture and Arts Programmesupports Nordic co-operation in arts and culture. Funding can be applied for a project of artistic and/or cultural quality that promotes a diverse and sustainable Nordic region. Funding is available for projects that focus on cultural and artistic productions and creative work, as well as for the organisation and implementation of projects that develop skills in the arts and cultural field. Support may be granted for all types of costs directly linked to the project.

Projects can be granted:

  •     up to EUR 7 000 without other funding
  •     up to EUR 40 000 with at least 30 % co-financing
  •     up to EUR 100 000 with at least 50 % co-financing

The funding period will start on 7 February and end on 7 March 2022.

Nordic Culture Point is an institution of the Nordic Council of Ministers which works to support Nordic co-operation within the area of culture and to increase awareness of Nordic culture in Finland. The support programmes provide opportunities to create culture, implement projects and create meetings between artists and cultural workers in the Nordic and Baltic countries.