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Nordisk Kulturfond: Nordic Collaboration Project Funding | 02 September 2024

Collaborative projects between the Nordics and other countries can apply for a grant of up to 500.000 DKK, equalling approximately 67.000 €. The Nordic countries are Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Åland. Development and innovation should be the main objectives of all applying projects, which need to be at least 50 % co-financed. Grants are frequently bestowed to activities establishing or strengthening artistic initiatives or networks by private or public organisations, institutions or associations.

The Nordic Culture Fund uses an open and intuitive funding approach that offers space for interdisciplinary new ideas. ,It does not cover basal operating costs, tours, exhibitions, publishing and production expenses, projects with an individual as beneficiary or projects unrelated to the Nordics or arts and culture. If a project receives a grant, it is featured on the Fund’s website and in their annual report, thus benefitting from additional exposure. 

All applicants will hear back from the secretary around November, after the director has made a decision based on expert pre-selections. Criteria include artistic or cultural content and ambitions, Nordic relevance and collaboration in the project as well as relevant and realistic project economy based on the handed-in budgeting plan. The project can commence after the response from the Fund, receives co-funding for up to one year and may last for no more than three years. The project funding recurrs twice a year, so unsuccessful applicants have another chance to submit a proposal for the following deadline. 

Does your project propel the Nordics forward and should it earn a grant from the Nordic Culture Fund? Read further and submit your application here

Deadline: 02 September 2024 

Decorative element: Nordic flags in the wind

Picture by K8 on Unsplash