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Open Call Art Inside Out Residency

The nomadic institution for artist-in-residence Art Inside Out is inviting four artists to a 12-week residency in 2022. The artistic residency uses “ecological literacy” as point of departure in a movement through a meeting between the sea north of city of Varberg and the river Viskan as well as the earthy landscape surrounding the city of Laholm.

The residency Between the rains wishes to evoke other modes to understand and relate to ecology and ecological systems. Cartographic readings that are not contained in a singular run-off map, analysis of soil quality, inventory of species or spatial mapping, but instead consolidates them in a interconnected gleam of nuances, subjects, relationships, cross readings and layers. The organisation is looking for artistic practices that are nurtured by interdisciplinary questions about ethics, politics and knowledge which escort such a shift. Artistry that are at the same time interested in working within a decentralisation of human activities and searching for equal alliances between species where coexistence, mutual learning and carefully managed relationships are brought in to focus and replacing an endless quest for surplus and dominance. 

The residency will include a research part (30 May – 17 June) and a production & presentation part (29 August – 30 October). Art Inside Out will cover associated costs such as travel, housing, workspaces and process management.

Two artists will primarily be situated in Varberg, and two in Laholm (Sweden). The artists will have the opportunity to work independently or together. The residency will conclude with public presentations of the artistic processes in Varberg and Laholm and other locations in Halland and Sweden. The artists will be introduced to local people and activities in both cities during the residency. The residents will also get the opportunity to held regularly public meetings.

Applications can be submitted until the deadline of 5 November. More information can be found here.

Art Inside Out is a nomadic institution for artist-in-residence in all art forms and genres. Artists are invited to explore the possibilities for their own art practices, as well as delve into new collaborations, with the county of Halland as a playing field. Through an open process that leaves room for the unforeseen, there is the opportunity for new discourses, where art generates creative solutions and new ways of seeing the world.