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Open Call Walking is Still Honest

The symposium “Walking is still honest*: about being and moving together” aims to bring the insights of some of the most important contemporary historians and theoreticians of psychogeography and walking of the last few decades into dynamic practices of contemporary art and culture – about and through walking.

The title of the symposium refers to the song “Walking is still honest” by the punk rock band “Against me!”. Laura Jane Grace, its lead singer, has said in an interview that she wrote the song when she was 18 years old, terrified of what was happening in the world, and that the only thing that seemed real and honest to her at the time was the simple act of walking.

The Call is open to artists, urban planners, art historians, cultural historians, philosophers, historians, sociologists, neuroscientists and other researchers who are interested in the act of walking, its various forms and cultural meanings, as well as the history, present and future of walking. Contributions on topics such as forms of walking/walking together in contemporary art, cinema, theatre, dance, music, etc.; walking together as a philosophical concept and way of thinking as well as the politics and economics of walking are welcome.

The symposium will take place at the Vilnius Academy of Arts and various locations in Vilnius between 5 and 7 October. Selected participants will be issued a letter of acceptance which can be uses for fundraising. Applications can be submitted until 15 June. Find more information here.

The symposium is organised by the Vilnius Academy of Arts, SODAS 2123 and LTMKS.