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Open Call Residencies Kaunas Tel-Aviv

Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 (Lithuania) and Liebling Haus – The White City Center (Tel Aviv) announced an open call for artistic residencies in modernist cities dedicated to the form of contemporary artistic interposition for listed cultural heritage sites.

Multidisciplinary artists whose projects would be based on locally conducted artistic research, leeding to a site specific interpretation of the cultural heritage in Kaunas and Tel Aviv, are welcome to apply.

The projects will be presented in Kaunas in the frame of “MoFU”, and in April, Tel Aviv, within the frame of the exhibition “Architecture of Optimism: The Kaunas Phenomenon, 1918–1940”.

Modernism is one of the most powerful avant-gard cultural stories related to migration, colonialism and the search of identity through art and architecture in the world. It continuously provides new, often not yet implemented opportunities for the formation of, local cultural identity and a sustainable approach of living in the city while creating an opportunity for a critical intercultural dialogue.

Kaunas-Tel Aviv cooperation addresses the challenges of protecting the global modernist heritage while anancing the global knowledge in the field:
– Promote Urban heritage, including its tangible and intangible components, in order to constitute a key resource in enhancing the liveability of urban areas
– modernist architecture often lacks recognition or attention for the value of historic buildings and favor for the newly built;
– involvement of community owner and users – modernist cultural heritage sites are often privately owned and therefore a bottom up sustainable approach of colatavating heritage values is essential for their preservation.

This residency aims to strengthen the narratives of the Lithuanian and Israeli modernist heritage as a medium of collective heritage, in order to reflect upon their current contemporary significance to the global community through site specific artistic interpretations.

Applications should be submitted before the deadline 21 Februar. More information can be found here.