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Open Call Atelier Josepha

ARS BALTICA and Crazy4Culture support two Artist Residencies at Villa Josepha in Ahrenshoop Germany in autumn 2022. Atelier Josepha invites artists of all disciplines to submit their applications for the residency.

Atelier Josepha brings together nature and art under the central theme 'Baltic Sea'. It promotes critical reflection on the historical and current circumstances of the Baltic Sea region. The residency stands in a tradition of cultural cooperation and exchange within this area. It is also inspired by the need to reflect on our mutual environment and shared seas – both as forces of nature and in their increasing vulnerability.

Atelier Josepha invites artists of all disciplines to Ahrenshoop. Eligible artists (no age limit) must be residents of a state that borders the Baltic Sea. Residents of other European countries are welcome if they have a proven connection to the Baltic Sea region. The artist must agree that the residency and potential works performed or created may be documented in the form of a short film and photos. This documentation will be made available to the artist and archived at Atelier Josepha. The artist and Atelier Josepha both have the right to publish it, without charge, for non-profit purposes or within the context of the residency. Application deadline is the 30 November 2021

Residency period: A period of three weeks between September and December 2022. The residency requires the artists full-time presence at Atelier Josepha. Read more about Atelier Josepha here.

Find all information about the Open Call here.

More information about Crazy4Culture can be found here.



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