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Open Call bauhaus earth fellowship

The organisers of the project-based Bauhaus Earth Fellowship Program (BE-FELLOW) are looking for exceptionally talented, emerging practitioners in the fields of architecture, design and engineering, art, as well as interdisciplinary constellations of architectural production

Selected fellow will be provided with financial freedom as well as intellectual and professional environment to pursue their promising experimental ideas and new design approaches. Through collaborative practice, the fellowship projects will bring together emerging actors, experts, students, and local stakeholders.

The projects are framed by clear research questions and typically target the production of architectural artifacts of manageable scale that serve as tangible and measurable demonstrations of new ways of building. The Projects are open-ended and designed for a duration of 3 to 12 months. The organisers encourage Fellows to spend as much time as possible in Berlin and in the LAB and office space at Marienpark. The Fellows’ presence in Berlin and Brandenburg is linked to exhibitions, lectures, symposia, and debates.

Applications can be submitted untl 23 April. Find more information here.