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Open Call Big Pulse

Big Pulse Dance Alliance is a 4-year partnership of 12 European dance festivals and institutions united by their passion to broaden the reach of the contemporary dance sector. The organisers are looking for portable, ecologically aware choreographic ideas.

With the support of EU Creative Europe co-funding, BPDA aims to diversify dance programming on stages and in public outdoor spaces; support artist development through mentorship, travel and workshop programmes; and invite new audiencesto engage with the artform through dynamic live or digital performances and other participatory activities.BPDA also aims to present bold, captivating choreography that celebrates our creative imaginations through the power of the body in motion. 

The co-commissions are aimed at a small creative team of up to six people touring to create / re-create performances with local participants in a series of public spaces, supported by the BPDA partners. The local participants involved in each location can beprofessionals, non-professionals or a mixture of both. The co-commissions are aimed at artists who use choreographic ideas as their mainform of expression, enjoy working collaboratively with producers and festivals in different countriesare and are willing to dive into shared learningand exchange of practises.

Up to 6 artists / artistic teams will be shortlisted and awarded €1500 to develop their proposal. Commissioned artists have the potential toreceive additional support alongside the commission funds through research opportunities, production time and guaranteed tour dates for their work from BPDA partners.

Applications should be submitted before the deadline of 16 April. Interviews for shortlisted artists / artistic teams are provisionally scheduled for 11 & 12 May. More information can be found here.