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Open Call Bounce

Bounce is a mentoring program dedicated to providing tools, connections, knowledge and resources to the next generation of contemporary circus and outdoor arts workers. The organisers are looking for contemporary circus or outdoor arts workers looking for guidance and advice on developing their project.

Bounce proposes skills for future steps, giving a space for participants to explore creative, relational, and economic potential in an international context and deepen their reflection on their working environment through the prism of Circostrada's annual red threads. The programme offers an individual 16-hour tailor-made programme and a collective reflection on the participants’ work and professional environment.

The overall objectives are to encourage mutual transmission between more junior and more senior contemporary circus and outdoor arts workers; to enrich and diversify the understanding of the issues and realities of the contemporary circus and outdoor arts sectors as well as to connect the next contemporary circus and outdoor arts workers with one another in order to develop a sustainable community of solidarity.

Bounce also offers the participation in a kick-off event in October in order to meet the other participants and facilitators (including travel, per diems, and accommodation), 3 workshops guided by experts and connected to Circostrada’s annual red thread “Diverse body/ies”. Participants will reflect on this topic with researchers, thinkers, and workers focused on projects and actions aroundfairness, equity, equality, inclusion, diversity and/or accessibility. Selected artists will participate in the Circostrada General Meeting in Split, Croatia in April 2023 (including travel, per diems, and accommodation) and can exchange and create a long-lasting community, including last year's participants and facilitators, within the Alumni Platform. Applications can be submtted until 25 September. More information can be found here.

Circostrada is the European Network for contemporary circus and outdoor arts. Created in 2003 with the core mission of furthering the development, empowerment and recognition of these fields at European and international levels, over the years the network has become an important anchoring point for its members and a key interlocutor in the dialogue with cultural policy makers across Europe.