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Open Call Bright Festival

Bright Festival is an international cooperation project promoting digital creativity as a means of connection between different countries and cultures, in collaboration with institutions, schools, enterprises, artists and design studios. The organisers are looking for new media artists to create the next festival edition in Leipzig, Germany.

During the Bright Festival spectacular 360° immersive audiovisual projections, art exhibitions, live music events, digital & multimedia shows will immerse visitors breaking all boundaries between artworks and audiience: 3.600 square meters of wall and floor space will be covered in digital art. The Kunstkraftwerk space will be composed of five main exhibition areas. The organisers are looking for participants who want to internationally promote their works as an artist or creative design studio, get in touch with suppliers, customers or collaborators as well as exhibit their project / work / installation in front of a wide digital-conscious audience.

This call is addressed to digital & interactive installations, light & sound experiences, mixed media art installations, immersive art projects, augmented reality and audio-visual performances. The organisers will provide customized promotional and advertising package, travel and commodation for 3 days, a dedicated area with electricity supply and technical assistance as well as 2 Day & Night tour pass.

Deadline for submitting applications is 10 September. Projects already presented in other fairs or events will also be considered. Results will be communicated by 20 September. More information about the Open Call can be found here.