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Open Call Dance in the City 2021

The festival "Dance in the City" is a contemporary dance festival for urban areas, taking place for the 17th time on 20 August to 19 September 2021. The organisers are looking for dance artists or dance groups to present during the festival.

Dance in the Citiy is an event planned and organised by the Compagnie Irene K. and is taking place for the seventeenth time from 20 August to 19 September 2021 in various towns in the border region of Germany and Belgium. For this festival the Compagnie Irene K. invites dance artists and dance groups to apply with their own dance production for the festival.

The festival will take place in outdoor areas and public spaces, the productions have to able to adapt to these circumstances or must have been created specifically for these conditions.The performances should last between 10 to 20 minutes. Deadline for the submissions is 15 February 2021. Compagnie Irene K. is looking for applicants who have proven the willingness to take risks and be creative in producing original performances. 

For the selected artists the travel, accommodation, catering costs and a small artist fee will be covered by the organisers.

Compagnie Irene K. is a contemporary dance company founded in 1978 in Eupen (Belgium) by its art director Irène Borguet-Kalbusch.