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Open Call Devised Theatre / Dance Theatre

Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice and the Institute of Art Polish Academy of Sciences are organising together the ‘Devised Theatre / Dance Theatre’ conference in Katowice on 9-12 November. The organisers are looking for theoreticians and practitioners who are fascinated by the devising practice, i.e. the working methods and tools of devised theatre.

Three applicants will be chosen for the participation in the conference, the costs of their participation, including travel, accommodation and meals will be covered. The aim of the conference isto reflect on devised theatre in relationship to contemporary dance and to create a platform for joint discussion between researchers, teachers of the practice, and artists on current practices in both arenas. The discussion will extend to the institutional support provided by curators and festivals. These practical sessions and workshops will serve to bring the participants together around their collective work on ‘inventing’ the idea, process, and final form of the performance.

Devised theatre is one of the most interesting and dynamic forms of contemporary performance. Initiated in the 1960s in the United States, Great Britain, and Europe (including Poland), devised theatre began to develop in other cultural spaces as well, and continues to modify its assumptions today. Centred around the search for alternative processes and experimental forms, devised theatre artists often lean toward non-artistic contexts and transgress the normative rules and boundaries of commercial, institutional and repertory theatre.

Applications can be submitted until 25 September. More information can be found on On The Move's website.