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Open Call Digital Labs

House of Europe is organising four Online Digital Labs for cultural project managers, architects and restorers, as well as proactive Ukrainian educators with 2+ years of professional experience.

Digital Labs: postwar cultural development

Selected participants will travel to the future to envision Ukrainian culture after the victory in order to understand the own role in the postwar reconstruction and get all the necessary skills. Managers from Ukraine and the EU will share their experience. Cultural project managers with more than two years of experience are welcome to apply.

Digital Labs: newcomers to cultural management

The event is suitable for those who dream of gathering famous artists at festivals, holding book fairs, putting together art exhibitions, and advancing Ukrainian culture. Participants will learn how to come up with powerful ideas, unite teams and partners around them, make sure that everything goes according to plan and will receive at the end of the Lab a set of practical tools and a step-by-step guideline for the implementation of a cultural project. Cultural project managers with less than two years of experience who want to systematise their knowledge as well as newcomers who dream of carrying out art projects and want to get the basics of cultural project management are welcome to apply.

Digital Labs: restorers of historical and cultural reserves

The focus of these Labs is on careful restoration. In nine days, the participants will learn how to work with monuments, caring for their history, environment, inclusion and visitor safety during wartime. Restorers and architects from the EU, Ukraine, and Israel will share with fresh techniques and tools. The digital lab will be held on 3-11 July. Architects and restorers with more than two years of experience in the field of restoration and who want to preserve the Ukrainian cultural heritage are welcome to apply.

Digital Labs: teachers of artistic disciplines

The participants of the Digital Lab will learn how to inspire students to work in groups and use knowledge from other subjects, conduct engaging online lessons, and use art to work with psychological trauma. The Digital Lab will facilitate the process of creating new ideas on how to improve your school and develop a project proposal that you can submit for a grant. Proactive Ukrainian educators with 2+ years of professional experience (teachers of music, fine arts, culture, drama, arts and crafts, and other artistic subjects; leaders of extracurricular art societies and methodologists) are welcome to apply.

Translators will be invited to all Labs to help to communicate freely with foreign experts. The Digital Labs last nine days and are taking place online via Zoom.Application deadline is 16 May.

House of Europe is an EU-funded programme fostering professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their colleagues in EU countries and the UK.