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Open Call Digital Leap

Digital Leap aims to bring artists together in spring 2022 for 5-day learning modules in Prague (CZ) and Vilnius (LT). The learning modules are organized in connection with a local festival and are therefore a good opportunity to network with colleagues and presenters from across Europe.

The growing awareness of the climate emergency, as well as the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on performing arts and international collaboration have generated an urgent need to rethink and diversify the operating models in performing arts. There is a shift happening towards a digital and virtual presence, and in order to be one step ahead of this transition, circus and dance artists and organisations need to learn how to employ digital tools and virtual environments in a way that suits their own work and practice. 

Digital Leap calls for circus and dance artists from Czech Republic, France, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Spain or Sweden who are curious about digitalization to take part in the first two of altogether four Digital Leap learning modules. The call is open to everyone who searches for ways to make their artistic work stand out on social media or looking for the right tools for adapting and creating live performances for the screen.

The production of relevant digital learning materials from each module is the main goal of Digital Leap. To extend the gained knowledge to even more artists the ideas and knowhow emerged in the training modules will be made available to the performing arts communities in the partner countries and published in the form of digital Cookbooks and videos.

Module 1 "Promoting your work in digital and virtual environments", 14. – 18.2.2022,: fundamental knowledge of the digital environment of today, the largest content distribution platforms and social media networks, their specific formats and the algorithm phenomena.

Module 2"What’s next in the digital world", 2 – 6.5.2022: the participants will learn to understand XR and streaming technology, and how to adapt their work to these platforms. The organisers aim to be inspired by the possibilities of these technologies as well as look into future developments in these areas.

The Open Call ends on 22 November. More information can be found here.

Digital Leap is an international two-year project that offers dance and circus professionals learning opportunities for deepening their understanding of digital environments and their possibilities in performing arts. The project is a collaboration between eight expert organisations from seven European countries: ARTCENA (FR), Arts and Theatre Institute (CZ), CircusInfo Finland (FI), Dance Info Finland (FI), Danscentrum Sverige (SE), Institut Ramon Llull IRL (ES), Lithuanian Dance Information Centre (LT) and Performing Arts Hub Norway (NO). Dance Info Finland coordinates the project.