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Open Call feminist elsewheres

The collaborative, intergenerational, and international project feminist elsewheres is situated between continuities and breaks of feminist struggles, relationships, and film histories. The organisers are looking for contributions to the film program.

feminist elsewheres provides a platform for historical as well as contemporary forms and actors of intersectional film work to further think through feminist history and future. Submissions can include (but are not limited to): contemporary and historical fiction-, documentary-, and experimental film / artistic contributions and interventions / archival research projects / distribution programs and more that

  • work on and with feminist issues.
  • are working through intersectional fights and activist film heritage.
  • were made in collective contexts and are invested in collaboration as a mode of production and aesthetics.
  • are invested in ethnographic or artistic research.
  • are based on ephemeral knowledge production, e.g. oral histories.

Participants are invited to Berlin to introduce their work, the organisers will cover expense allowances, travel costs and accommodation. Hybrid participation is optional. Either submissions should have German or English audio or be subtitled in German and/or English. The Call is open until 31 May. Find more information here.