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The German festival ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN is taking place from 12 to 30 May 2021, the organisers invite artists and groups to apply to an open call for the exhibition and an art residency until 28 February.

ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN is a festival for contemporary art taking place in Görlitz (Germany) from 12 to 30 May 2021 with the title "Ohne Gewähr - No Guarantees". Solo artists as well as groups can apply for two open calls in connection with the festival, one for the festival exhibition and one for a residency programme.

Applications for the exhibition will be sorted in different categories: painting, drawing, graphic, design, photography, sculpture, grafitti, streetart, installations, multimedia and performing art. The selected artists will receive a fee of 100€, the travel and transport costs will be supported by the festival team at least partly.

Applications from all kind of genres are welcome for the residency. The two to three weeks residency is taking place just before the festival starting between 23 April and 7 May 2021. There are only two conditions for the applicants: the proposed work must be done on the residency site and the work must address the festival theme "Ohne Gewähr - No Guarantees".

The selected artist for the residency will receive a 400€ artist fee as well as 400€ for materials. The travel costs will be taken over by the festival team at least partially.

The deadline for both open calls is 28 February 2021.

ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN was born in 2007 from the need to express the potential of the city's vacant buildings and the ideas of young cultural creators. Over time, a pure art exhibition evolved into the current multi-day festival, which still revolves around the centerpiece - the contemporary arts exhibition. Parallel to this, ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN curates a program of concerts, parties, performances, discussions and workshops that give the German-Polish border region a touch of the big city.