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Fresh legs is the newest exhibition initiative of INSELGALERIE Berlin and Galleri Heike Arndt DK, with which painting, sculpture, illustration, drawing, street art, photo, short film, animation and related areas are presented. Artists are welcome to apply for the fantastic opportunity to take part in an exhibition in Denmark the following autumn.

Together, these two galleries create a platform in this special edition to meet and discuss the art in these areas together. They offer both unknown and established artists an exhibition space and inspiration. On 190 square meters the INSELGALERIE exclusively presents the works of visual artists, whether painting, sculpture or crossover techniques. The gallery has existed since 1995 and is unique in Berlin with this consistent program. Professional artists are welcome to apply for the exhibition “Fresh Legs” that will take place from June to September 2022. The application form can be found here. The dates must be filled in English, as the curatorial team is international.

Deadline for submitting applications is 31 March. More information can be found here.

Galleri Heike Arndt DK was founded in 1989 in Lolland, Denmark by the German-born artist, gallery owner and cosmopolitan Heike Arndt. In 2008 the Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin was opened in the old East German district of Berlin-Friedrichshain, an area where alternative and authentic Berlin is flourishing. In 2016, after 10 years of hard work, Heike Arndt established Artlab Kettinge - an artist house. In 2019, a graphic workshop was set up again in Kettinge. The two galleries in Berlin (DE) and Kettinge (DK) are in addition to their own artist studios on Lolland (DK) owned by Heike Arndt and are primarily managed by her. One important note is that these galleries host a range of non-profit activities such as cultural events, workshops, and meetups. This inclusive business strategy is an excellent framework for exhibitions as well as projects, workshops, research and artistic development in an international context. And it has proven to be a strength to stand out from more classic and commercial galleries.

The INSELGALERIEis a project of the non-profit Berlin women's initiative XANTHIPPE e. V. Under the long-standing management of Ilse-Maria Dorfstecher, the Inselgalerie, as the only gallery in Berlin at all, continuously exhibited the artistic work of women. The concept of the gallery spans generations and genres to this day, with a focus on the presentation of works by younger artists who are intended to reach a broader public with the exhibition in the Inselgalerie and thus also the opportunity to make known to other gallery owners and collectors will. The Inselgalerie is one of the most important German institutions that challenges and breaks up the issue of the deficit of female artists in terms of fees, exhibition opportunities and perceptions by the media. With her work, she demands the same attention and evaluation of art from women as it is given to men. With their consistent and high-quality exhibitions and experimental offers, the makers of the Inselgalerie bring this topic permanently to public awareness and thus promote artistic discourse.