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Open Call Human Machine Fellowship 2021

The Junge Akademie of the Akademie der Künste, in partnership with VISIT, the artist-in-residence programme of the E.ON Stiftung, is offering a new international fellowship to fund projects at the interface between art and science on the topic of the human-machine relationship.

In the face of digitalisation and the emergence and development of digital technologies, the topic of the complex relationship between human and machine has taken on new meaning.

The idea of artistic research and the multidisciplinary approach are what connect the Akademie der Künste’s Junge Akademie and VISIT. The programme cooperation allows both partners to expand their networks, know-how and even their studio locations to the benefit of the funded artists. The perspective of art, science and business are to be connected in the context of the programme in order to facilitate comprehensive answers to current societal issues.

The thematic fellowship will be advertised three times until the end of 2022. Each fellowship is endowed with EUR 20,000. All of the information on applying is available from the application portal (in German).

Applications should be submitted before the deadline of 1 April.

VISIT is a fellowship programme run by the E.ON Stiftung. It provides young artists with the opportunity to create new work and pursue extraordinary projects. VISIT aims to facilitate a multifaceted discourse with artists as well as scientists and companies about energy, and to address questions relevant to the future. 

The JUNGE AKADEMIE supports international artists from all of the arts sections of the Akademie der Künste by providing residency and work fellowships as part of an interdisciplinary artist-in-residence programme.