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Open Call Hybrida AiR Residency

Hybrida AiR is an art residency program in Älvsbacka, in the west of Sweden, which offers seven artists a chance to work on new individual projects, alongside each other, during six weeks on location in Sweden.

This year’s curatorial theme is [ capture ]: digital media become more and more prominent since they facilitate all handling. However, interfaces generally tend to prioritise how fast and effective such processes are, while leaving in the background any space for reflection about the essence of what is done. The residency will try to give answers to questions such as: How one approaches then what it means to ‘capture’ something nowadays, and what does change with the fact that any content can be always present and governed by algorithms or viewing stats? Moreover, how does one reflect aesthetically or metaphysically on how to seize, grasp, shape, model or render new content, images or sensations?

The project is based on the idea of active participation of everyone involved, and value is to be created with the engagement of the whole group, to which the organisers also belong.

There are no specific requirements regarding final outcomes; however, participants are expected to develop an individual art project, to present an outcome in a final group exhibition. It is also desirable that the participants engage with the curatorial framework. publish one or multiple contributions and take responsibility for the maintenance of common spaces and equipment. The outcomes will be resented in a two-week-long exhibition at the end of the residency. The residency will take place from 9 May until 26 June 2022.

The focus lies mostly on visual arts, yet practitioners of other artistic practices, such as writers, architects, theorists, film-makers, dancers, musicians etc. are also welcome to apply. Overall, any project proposal should aim to relate to the residency format from any creative angle one desires, as long as the concept and work process can lead to the development of a new site specific work.

Applications should be submitted before the deadline of 15 February. More information can be found here.

The residency is a non-profit project, realised with the support of and in cooperation with IASPIS international program for visual arts, Kulturrådet, Region Värmland and Karlstads Kommun.