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The open call "surrounded by fresh nature" offers an atelier for artists, writers and scientists in residence in the village of Austmarka, Finnskogen, in Southeast Norway in the KUNSTNERHUSET AUSTMARKA.

The  KUNSTNERHUSET AUSTMARKA was opened in 2014. The main goal is to invite artists, writers and scientists in the studio in rural Norway who are looking for peace and inspiration for an artist-in-residence from 2 weeks to 3 months in order to offer them the opportunity to develop themselves artistically and scientifically. The organisators look forward to creative people from all over the world and from a wide variety of disciplines, in order to offer them a platform for their artistic and literary forms of expression and scientific work. They strive to provide the artists, writers and scientists with a creative, experimental environment, where is enough peace and quiet for writing and scientific work. Atelier Austmarka is located in the small village of Austmarka, in Southwest Norway, very close to Sweden. This quiet, secluded artist's house is located in the midst of a vast natural landscape, great wildlife, mystical forests and lakes.

The organisators wish is to be a quiet and contemplative space for the artists needs in their work process. The artist must bring their own materials and tools. Only non-toxic paint is allowed. Everyone has to be a part of holding the house, studio and accommodation tidy and clean. There are no paid host at the residency. The applicants are welcome to apply individually or in groups. The inland county municipality directly supports guest stays. Groups, artists, invited or exciting applications can benefit from it.

The residency, located in Norway, starts on 21 August 2022and ends on30 September 2022.

Apply for a period from 2 weeks and up to 6 week here.

Application deadline is 20 December 2021.