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Open Call Literary Translations

Creative Europe has launched an Open Call with a budget of €5 million to support projects that will translate, publish, distribute, and promote a package of minimum 5 works of fiction (novels, poetry, comics, etc).

The Creative Europe Call aims to encourage the translation and promotion of works in lesser-used languages to increase their circulation to larger markets in Europe and beyond as well as reach new audiences for European literary works in Europe and beyond.

Individual organisations or members of consortia of a minimum of 2 eligible organisations can apply with projects of different sizes with a different ceiling for the number of books translated and funding received:

  • small-scale projects: Projects proposing translation of up to 10 different books can receive up to €100,000
  • medium-scale : Projects proposing translation of up to 20 different books can receive up to €200,000
  • large scale : Projects proposing translation of at least 21 different books can receive up to €300,000

Projects with the objective of providing European or Ukrainian books in Ukrainian language to Ukrainian refugees and displaced people will be encouraged. The printing, distribution and promotion of European or Ukrainian works of fiction in Ukrainian will be eligible. These projects should still satisfy the general eligibility conditions and include at least 5 translations.

Applications can be submitted until the deadline of 23 February 2023. Find more informationhere.