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Open Call Massia Sprout

The residency space Massia has launched the residencies program SPROUT for artists and cultural practitioners who work at the intersection of art and ecology and are based in a Nordic or a Baltic country.

Applicants should have a deep curiosity for ecology that goes hand-in-hand with a commitment to experiments in self-organisation. The organisers are looking for practitioners who have the desire and capacity to re-think and care for the reproductional sphere (that is, the sphere of human and non-human labour that maintains life for our-selves and others in shared ecologies) through their artistic practices. Diversity, pro-activity, complexity and radical experimentation are welcome. The resiidents will get the opportunity to connect with local people and places through organised visits and field trips, as well as offering a platform for, and assistance with, sharing working processes with relevant communities and audiences.

The residencies ranging from 1-2 months will take place from September 2023 to June 2024. SPROUT will end with a gathering planned on 10-15 June 2024, all residents will be invited to get together for a convivial moment of practice- and knowledge-sharing, and to map a common ground. The organisers are offering reimbursement of travel expenses up to 250€ per resident, accommodation and studio space, an artist fee of €800 per month for individual residents / an artist fee of €2100 per month for a small collective with up to 3 members / an artist fee of €3500 per month for a medium-sized collective with up to 5 members as well as material expenses of up to 300€ for individual and 400€ for collective residencies.

MASSIA is located in a heritage school building in Massiaru, a village in Häädemeeste Parish, Pärnu County in southwestern Estonia. The location is near the coast (12 km), about 180 km south of Tallinn, and about 140 km north of Riga, Latvia. Applications from practitioners who fall through common cracks of artistic residency opportunities, be it due to trans-disciplinarity, queer orientations (in work and life) or systemic disadvantage (socio-economic and geopolitical situatedness, ethnicity, care-giving responsibilities, age, gender, neurodiversity, ableism and more) are especially welcome. Deadline for submitting applications is 2 July. Find more information here.