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Open Call Meander

The Meander project focus an the questions such as: How do mentally-sensitive subjects respond to the processes of our time? What is growing in us? How do we react to these social oscillations and how do we interpret them? How does the sensitisation develop when identity-virtualities are considered as orientation, what then characterises empathy here?

The organisers will select 55 international cultural workers (artist-performers, video-filmmakers, virtual natives, sound-noise artists, eco-architects, poets and writers). Selected cultural practitioners will be asked to perform a 12-hours meander, the way of performing will be decided by the individual.

A living exhibition will be prepared based on the results of the performances in March 2024. The presentation is going to happen in Berlin and one other location (ongoing research, contacts are welcome as well). Additionally, at the place of presentation the participants will be asked to do an introduction to the work or a reading. The organisers are offering payment for work on the meander / text contribution / other project work, payment for travel costs to the place of the presentation.

Application can be submitted until 2 April. Find more information here.