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Open Call Residency for Curators

Cultural complex SODAS 2123 invites curators and researchers from Baltic and Nordic countries to apply for 2 months long granted residency at SODAS 2123. The curators of ūmėdė’2024 invite applicants to build future contingencies together and come up with draft proposals for the 2nd edition of the festival.

The curators of ūmėdė’2024 will be the artist-researcher Gailė Griciūtė, curator-researcher Vytautas Michelkevičius and artist-researcher Ignas Pavliukevičius. The selected researcher will have the opportunity to immerse themselves for 2 months in the local context of Vilnius and the cultural complex SODAS 2123.

SODAS 2123 provides space for a variety of art and cultural disciplines and each resident of the complex is open to sharing, learning and craftsmanship with over 50 artists’ studios, rehearsal studios for bands, offices for design, film and visual arts organisations, exhibition spaces, event spaces and more. During the residency, the residents will research and come up with a proposal for ūmėdė’2024, scheduled to take place between 13–16 June 2024.

The SODAS 2123 cultural complex is a self-governing community-based space, operated and curated by the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (LTMKS). It brings together creators and researchers from different fields, with practices based on experimentation and developing unexpected formats. Artists, curators and researchers from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Estonia and Latvia (as well as the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland) are welcome to apply until 20 February. Find more information here.