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Open Call More-than-Planet

The international More-than-Planet project for 2023 includes an Open Call for artists into two residency programmes. The themes will be the observation of environmental change and artistic exploration of alternative futures and solutions through questions concerning climate, ecology, land use patterns, water ecology, the carbon cycle and social and cultural change.

The first residency "Deep" will take place at the Callio Lab underground research station in Pyhäsalmi mine and the surrounding communities The station and the environment provide opportunities for research and art across an extensive range of fields including extreme environmental conditions, geology, particle and space research, analogue astronautics, industrial transformation, underground safety, security and testing, biotope art, renewable energy (geothermal and hydroelectric), and remote sensing as well as the past, the present and the potential futures. Details related to safety and underground work will be discussed with the applicants prior to selection.

The second residency "Meander/Boreal Forest" takes placeat the multidisciplinary research station in Oulanka National Park and the local communities. The research station and its surroundings provide opportunities for research and art in a wide range of fields including climate, biodiversity, extreme conditions, stream ecology, coniferous zone research, land use change and transformation, biology, remote sensing and past, present and possible futures.

The residency is directed to artists and workgroups who approach future studies, change detection and environmental change broadly through art and science. The residency period is between April 2023 and May 2024. The organisers are offering accommodation, assumption of travel expenses, support for production of the works in terms of content, production and technology as well as a fee of a total 15,000 EUR for a two-month period of residency and independent work resulting in a new artwork.The Open Call deadline is 28 February. Further information on how to apply and how the application is assessed can be found here.


Photo (c) Filip Zrnzević.