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Open Call Samovar Circles

SAMOVAR CIRCLES is a short-term network that aims to create a collective catalyst and boiler of ideas on how the new challenges and opportunities for the performing arts can be approached in the post-coronavirus period.

Artists and presenters from the Nordic and Baltic scenes of contemporary circus and performing arts will be part of a series of intimate and highly participatory meetings, workshops and seminars on the questions: What is the future of international collaboration? How do we develop work for diversity ? How do we support the new generation of artists?

SAMOVAR CIRCLES was founded with the aim of helping artists and moderators from all areas to get ahead, strengthen relationships and jointly build new funding structures for the future.

SAMOVAR CIRCLES will take place both online and live and  is a short term network initiated and organised by Subtopia (Sweden), CircusInfo Finland (Finland), Performing Arts Hub (Norway), Teatronas (Lithuania), New Theatre Institute of Latvia (Latvia) and Wildtopia (Denmark). The partners represent different missions, contexts, knowledge and practices. They first worked together on Subcase Cyber ​​in 2021, and then discovered that their differences are profoundly valuable. The encounters provided important inspiration and provocation at a time when Covid took away their live interaction with Nordic and Baltic colleagues, artists and audiences. Based on their joint commitment to what the new reality of contemporary performing arts in the region will look like, they want to deepen the discussions in a joint discussion.

 If you are an artist or presenter in the field of contemporary circus or the performing arts, or with an interest in contemporary circus, non-speech-based performance and a joint think-tanking process for the creation of future models, based in the Nordic and Baltic regions, then apply for the core group that is open to everyone: artists, moderators and sponsors from the Nordic and Baltic regions can take part in open brainstorming sessions, seminars and workshops on the three questions. For selected participants there is a core group of 12 artists and 12 moderators who are invited to take part in all open activities and in addition to three separate opportunities to cook and refine ideas.
Costs to cover travel and accommodation to these live events will then be covered by the project. 

Please fill in this form if you want to apply:

Deadline to apply is 28 October.