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The Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin is calling for participants in course of the 5th Berlin Autumn Salon. During the Berlin Autumn Salon the Young Curators Academy (YCA) is taking place as an online edition.

The Young Curators Academy is an artistic and activist platform for discovering alliances, exploring affinities and consolidating solidarities. Young interested individuals who work at the crossings of art and activism, in particular those under challenging political, social and economic conditions are invited to apply until 30 May 2021 for participation. The YCA explicitly welcomes intersectional makers – young artists, thinkers, writers, program producers, curators – who are both creating their own events or developing new forms of authorship and curation.

This year’s digital edition responds to the different worlds after the intervention of the pandemic as an opportunity to reconsider expressions, resistance, activism and communication in the translocal context of the participants.

The YCA consist of three parts: the marathon from 12 to 13 August 2021 in which each participant presents a project from her*his context of a public audience, eight workshop sessions between 9 and 24 September 2021 and an online journal embracing different genres. The participants will be provided with a participating stipend of 700€ and technical support for the marathon.

More information about the Young Curators Academy can be found here.

The Maxim Gorki Theatre, located in the Choral Academy on the boulevard Unter den Linden, is the smallest of Berlin’s ensemble theatres and also a historically significant building. Contemporary plays, new interpretations of classical pieces and an interdisciplinary approach define the programme of the Gorki. In 2014 and again in 2016 theatre critics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland elected the Gorki “Theatre of the year”.