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PASSAGE Festival

PASSAGE Festival is a living street theatre festival in constant evolution and expansion. PASSAGE Festival will take place between 25 and 30 July 2022 in Helsingør Teater and Dunkers Kulturhus.

PASSAGE Festival has a large program with both Danish and international artists, premieres and classics, avantgarde experimentation and oldschool circus and street theatre. With 150 to 200 performances at each festival, it is one of Northern Europe’s largest living street theatre festivals, presenting performances in the streets, at the harbour, on the beach and in the surrounding areas. The ambition is to create a festival that is diverse, accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Performances such as Dance of the Fisherman will be part of the festival. The audience will be physically drawn into the meditative world of the fisherman, in an imagistic walking tour and will listen to stories of local fishermen and women, surrounded by an evocative soundtrack under the sunset sky. Dance of the Fisherman is created in a collaboration between theatre director Caroline McSweeney and choreographer Taneli Törmä.  

The audience will also get the opportunity to see the Genderjoy: a living sculpture that plays with body and gender. A dancer in a fantastical costume and a guitarist’s improvised tones combine to create a living sculpture which turns gender stereotypes on their head and inside out. In constant flux, they challenge and shape how we see. The full programme of this year's festival can be found here.