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Policy Brief Launch

Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture are organising the online presentation of the Policy Brief “Arts & Design Based Collaboration and Cross-Innovation: Practices to be Enabled, Orchestrated and Championed Through Policies for Systemic Impact”.

The Policy Brief has been an outcome of the NDPC led project Creative Cross-Innovations for Sustainability (2022-2023) and is authored by commissioned expert – Johanna Kouzmine-Karavaïeff (Artisans of Innovation). The project has conducted a small-scale benchmarking of creative cross-innovations in a global context, with analyses of results filtered to this policy brief. The initial benchmarking survey reached respondents in 49 countries in Europe and globally to locate creative cross-innovation developments on various continents. Additional interviews and discussion have been held as follow up to the survey and these have provided indications on different kinds of activity such as fundings, research, trainings and more.

The Policy Brief aims to inform and support policymakers within the Northern Dimension region and across Europe, while simultaneously kindling partnerships and nurturing discourse about these practices among stakeholders on other continents. The event is taking place on 12 September. Find more information and the registration link here.

Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture is an international governmental initiative that aims to enhance the creative sector capacities in the region.