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Polish Film Festival

Each year, the Polish Film Festival (PFF) audience has an opportunity, often as the first one in Poland, to see the most recent Polish productions. In 2022 the festival takes place between 12 and 17 September.

The Festival programme includes three competition sectionsMain Competition, Short Film Competition and Microbudget Film Competition – as well as numerous out-of-competition sections, and accompanying events such as a debate about Polish Transnational Cinema or the first Secret Screening with Octopus Film Festival. PFF also allows for an open confrontation of the film work with the audience, film life observers and participants, as well as journalists. The full programme can be found here.

Gdynia Industry is a comprehensive programme of activities aimed at film industry representatives and designed to support the development and self-regulation of the audio-visual industry and network it with other creative sectors. Much emphasis is on education, defined as the expert development of entities operating on the audio-visual market, attracting leaders and talents, implementing optimal solutions and generating innovation. In this way, Gdynia Industry, taking up the most important current topics and problems of the industry, looks for creative solutions, suggests directions for development and sets trends.

Polish Film Festival is one of the oldest film events in Europe promoting Polish cinematography on such a wide scale. Founded in 1974, until 1986, PFF was organised in Gdańsk, then Gdynia became its venue with the Danuta Baduszkowa Musical Theatre hosting the Festival Centre.