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Polish Film Festival

Each year, the Polish Film Festival (PFF) audience has the opportunity, often as the first one in Poland, to see the most recent Polish productions. In 2022 the festival takes place between 18 and 23 September.

The Festival programme includes three competition sections – Main Competition, Short Film Competition and Microbudget Film Competition. PFF also allows for an open confrontation of the film work with the audience, film life observers and participants, as well as journalists.

Three special screenings will take place during this year's festival:

  • Lodz Film School will celebrate its 75th anniversary, on this occasion there’ll be screenings of student films by graduates, whose films are nominated to this year’s Main Competition and Short Film Competition.
  • Educational Film Studio and Adam Mickiewicz Institute will present the film Solaris Mon Amour directed by Kuba Mikurda. A found-footage documentary inspired by Stanisław Lem’s novel, Solaris.
  • National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute invites the audience to an evening with Grzegorz Królikiewicz.

In 2023, the festival also celebrates the 100th birthday anniversaryof one of the most extraordinary and controversial creators in the history of film art – Walerian Borowczyk. The Polish director of feature and animated films, graphic artist, screenwriter, production designer and author left his mark in the film world with auteur solutions, provocative content and outstanding aesthetics. The celebration will include a screening of his film The Story of Sin, an adaptation of a novel by Stefan Żeromski.

The opening film of the festival isDoppelgänger. The Double directed by Jan Holoubek with plot set at the turn of the 1970s on both sides of the Iron Curtain at once.

Polish Film Festival is one of the oldest film events in Europe promoting Polish cinematography on such a wide scale. Founded in 1974, until 1986, PFF was organised in Gdańsk, then Gdynia became its venue with the Danuta Baduszkowa Musical Theatre hosting the Festival Centre.