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Reconstruction and Sustainability

The arts and culture sector has been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunities for cultural exchange have been limited. The online discussion series "Reconstruction and Sustainability of Culture in Times of the Pandemic" focuses on sustainability and the role of cultural civil society.

The discussion series brings perspectives from Germany, France, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia with the aim of promoting cultural exchange, better understanding the situation of our European neighbors and jointly developing ideas and strategies for the future. The first panel Festivals between Fragility and Resilience: The Future of Communal Experience and Live Culture will take place on 12 October at 4 pm until 5:30 pm (in German, French, and Polish with simultaneous translation).

Festivals are a communal cultural experience: what counts are the quality of living, spatial proximity and international cultural exchange. The core of this basic structure was shaken by the corona pandemic. Festivals have been canceled or postponed, replaced by digital formats or events with smaller audiences, hygiene protocols and observation by scientists. This discussion collects approaches from the areas Theater, music and dance from France, Poland and Germany. What views and re-evaluations have emerged from the pandemic? And what role does sustainability play within the festival circuit?

The last panel of the series How European Cities Connect Culture and Sustainability takes place on 18 October at 3 pm until 4:30 pm. In this third panel, the role of European cities and their cultural institutions for climate and sustainability will be addressed (in English with guests from Germany, France, Poland, Portugal, and Slovenia).

Culture is a central dimension of sustainable development. The discussion will highlight the questions such as how European cities and their cultural institutions approach sustainable development and how should the cultural sector conceptualize sustainable development and act in line with the principles of climate justice. Activities and solutions for sustainable development of European cities, especially post-pandemic and post-pandemic reconstruction and the opportunity for the arts and culture sector to redefine itself in terms of sustainable development in terms of climate justice is also a topic.

All discussions will be moderated by AC Coppens, Founder of THE CATALYSTS, Berlin, Germany.

More information can be found here.