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Reeperbahn Festival

The Reeperbahn Festival is a festival to listen to, rethink and experience music. It combines a diverse line-up with formats of visual arts as well as a wide range of films and literature. It takes place on 20 - 23 September in Hamburg on the Reeperbahn which is the most famous nightlife street in the city.

The diverse musical event features new, international talents as well as established acts. Debuted in 2006 the Reeperbahn Festival has become one of the most important meeting places for the cworld of music. The program also includes several workshops, on of them is "Unf*ck Your Mind" where participants will learn how to let go of the constant "being stressed", the pressure to compare, the elbow mentality or power games and the figure of the sad clown.

Formats such as the Helga! Festival Award and the VUT Independent Awards are also back as live events. Anyone unable to attend in person will be able to follow the events via the digital conference platform or access it on demand afterwards. Top acts so far include rapper Mavi Phoenix (AT), Goldroger (DE), indie-electronic artists Weval II (NL), pop act ILIRA (CH), songwriters Antje Schomaker (DE) and William Fitzsimmons (US), retro-rock institution Kadavar (DE) as well as indie-pop bands like JEREMIAS (DE) and Die Höchste Eisenbahn (DE). A rundown of all the live acts confirmed is available here.