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Report ‘International Cultural Relations’

Voices Of Culture – The structured dialogue between the European Commission and the cultural sector has announced the publication of the Brainstorming Report on the topic ‘International Cultural Relations’.

The Brainstorming report  results from a three-day Voices of Culture Brainstorming meetings held online in February 2022 and is aimed at both cultural practitioners on a local level, with concrete tips and practices but also provides people in policy making positions with useful tools for their work. Four considerations – equity, space, access and time – have been used to address complex topics in International Cultural Relations (ICR).

The report includes recommended tangible next steps for all ICR Stakeholders such as support civil society organisations (CSO) and bottom-up involvement in ICR; facilitate easier travel and preferential treatment for global cultural sector workers in the Global South, taking stock of their own perceptions and challenges while thinking beyond Western perceptions of challenges to mobility. The discussiona on access in ICR tackled various topics such as mobility, support to CSOs, language barriers, bottom-up approach and the complexity of the CSOs sector, including their relationship with governments, inclusivity and diversity, as well as the importance of flexibility and innovation etc.

Written in an accessible and inclusive language, the report is available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi and Spanish. Check out the report here.