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Riddu Riđđu Festival

Riddu Riđđu Festival is an international indigenous festival. This year's edition takes place in Olmmáivággi with Sámi artists such as Rolffa with roots from Finnmark as well as the duo Hildá & Tuomas.

The festival's Indigenous film program marks its 20th anniversary this year highlighting Indigenous filmmakers and films with an Indigenous theme. Riddu Riđđu has joined forces with the Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF). The two festivals have collaborated for a number of years, and this year TIFF will be visible on several of Riddu Riđđu's program items, including film and seminar programmes.

Vårt Hav. (a project within the Nature Conservation Association in Troms and Finnmark that works against marine litter) helps the festival in its environmental work. The festival audience at Riddu Riđđu has a reputation for being an environmentally conscious bunch, and this year's festival-goersthe visitors can expect conversations about plastic and marine litter with representatives from Vårt Hav at Riddu Riđđu.

A new part of the festival are the conversation series Lávvosáhka with the aim to move away from western models of discussion, and return to informal conversation. The stage will be moved away, and the distinction between audience and panelists will not be as defined. Topics of the conversations will be: Is Sámi religion a relic of the past? Is art our strongest weapon? The women at the frontlines as well as You won’t make me shut up. Find the whole program here.

The Riddu Riđđu festival grew out of its predecessor, the Sami culture festival, organised by local youth. The festival itself rebelled against the assimilation pressure, which served to repress the local Sami population. From being a local event, the festival now is a meeting place for minorities and indigenous population groups from all over the world.