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Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra

The Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival invites young musicians from all over the world to become part of the international Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra 2023. Young musicians are given the opportunity to work with famous conductors and perform great works from the orchestral literature.

The Orchestra was founded by Leonard Bernstein in 1987 who wanted to give young musicians the opportunity to learn from professionals. Ever since its founding, the orchestra enjoyed a superb reputation worldwide.

The Orchestra led by the principal conductor Christoph Eschenbach will play Bruckners “Symphony No. 5”, Elgars “Enigma Variations”, Mendelssohns “Symphony No. 4”, Haydns “Symphony No. 100”, Music by J. Williams and other works. Besides the project with Christoph Eschenbach, there will also be projects led by Ruth Reinhardt, Ton Koopman, Holly Choe and Michael Sanderling.

In addition to the rehearsals as an orchestra, principal players from top-rank German orchestras as well as professors from European music academies lead chamber music and sectional rehearsals. Seminars and workshops about different issues in career and personal development will also take place in the programme.

During the programme, the musicians will stay at the Nordkolleg in Rendsburg, a town in the centre of Schleswig-Holstein, one hour north of Hamburg between the river Eider and the Kiel Canal (Nord-Ostsee-Kanal). The Nordkolleg offers an ideal situation for sectional rehearsals and growing as a social community. The tutti rehearsals will be at the NordArt, one of Europeans biggest exhibitions for contemporary art.

The programme appeals to musicians born after 28 February 1996. Registration is open until 30 November. For more information click here.