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Seedmoney Swedish Institute

This open call is for organizations which want to start collaborations that contribute to sustainable economic, ecological or social development in the Baltic Sea region! The Swedish Institute promotes joint projects in which Swedish organizations meet transnational challenges together with organizations from the Baltic Sea countries including Russia and the Eastern Partnership countries.

In order to strengthen Sweden's relations and develop cooperation with the countries around the Baltic Sea, Swedish institutions can apply to the Swedish Institute for funding to work with organizations in the countries of the Baltic Sea Region, including Russia, and organizations in the countries of the Eastern Partnership of the EU. The project activities that the Swedish Institute supports through “seed funding” must be clearly linked to one or more of the challenges identified in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. Projects that include countries in the EU's Eastern Partnership must also refer to this framework. Projects are intended to help create conditions for long-term, sustainable relationships in the region.

More information about the Open Call can be found here.

The main applicant has to be based in Sweden and the application must include at least three actors in three different countries eligible for support. Important: for the application to be complete participants must submit it online. The deadline is 15 February 2022 at 15.00 (CET).

The Swedish Institute is a public agency that builds interest and trust in Sweden around the world. The Swedish Institute works with Sweden promotion, cooperation in the Baltic Sea region and global development. The Swedish Institute’s core activities involve: Analysing how foreign target groups perceive Sweden, and how this affects opportunities for Swedish actors abroad. Providing expert support to both private and public actors wishing to communicate the image of Sweden and Swedish skills.