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Side Step Festival 2021

The Side Step Festival is a festival about the art of dancing taking place on 2-14 February online. This year's edition offers eleven different events, webinars, discussions about the art of dancing in the pandemic times, artist dialogues, dance classes and more.


The regular programme would look a lot different but the organizer still wanted a festival that aims to show solidarity towards the Finnish freelance dance field and provide save places to experience the art of dance. To fulfil this goal the organizers offer studio and stage residencies for working groups to develop their artistic work further.

One of festival’s formats is “Dancing with Social Distance”. The format creates a space for meeting people without physical contact on the Zoom online platform to dance together in a simple way.

Side Step Festival 2021 has invited dance artists from different backgrounds to share a conversation with each other. This artist dialogues will be published on Zodiak’s website at the beginning of the festival, and they can be viewed until one week after the festival ends.

The festival is organized by "Zodiak - Centre for New Dance". It is the only producer and venue focusing solely on contemporary dance centre in Helsinki. Zodiak follows the latest trends in the field of contemporary dance and brings the most fascinating artists and emerging ideas to a stage near you. Zodiak's courses and workshops are your door to a community where everyone is welcomed just as they are.