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Stockholm Film Festival 2022

Founded in 1990, the Stockholm International Film Festival is one of the leading film festivals in Europe. This year's festival takes place between 9 - 20 November with 130 film premieres from 50 countries.

This year's country in focus is Ukraine, a country that has had great success in film for a number of years. The festival wants to highlight the uncertain future that the Ukrainian film industry now faces and Ukraine needs all the support we can show and contribute to. In addition to film screenings, the festival also arranges seminars, Face2Face conversations with international established filmmakers and stars of the future.

The festival will also award a number of prizes, such as the heaviest festival prize in the world, the 7,3 kilo Bronze Horse. The Bronze Horse is handed out annually to the winners of the Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award, the Stockholm Visionary Award, the Stockholm Achievement Award, Best Documentary Film and Best Film. The Bronze Horse also has a sister, the Aluminum Horse, given to the winners in seven categories: Best Director, Best First Film, Best Cinematography, Best Script, Best Actress, Best Actor, and Best Short Film.

Stockholm International Film Festival is recognized for its ability to promote and offer a venue for young and unestablished filmmakers. As many as a third of the films selected for the competition are made by a debuting director and by directors who have made less than 3 films.

Through the online platform Festival on Demand, people all around Sweden will be able to watch parts of the festival program from home during the festival. Check out the whole festival program here.