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Survey on Working Conditions of European Artists, Cultural and Creative Professionals

Following an EU framework proposed by the European Parliament, Panteia and Culture Action Europe are carrying out an EU-encompassing survey which takes no more than ten minutes to complete. It aims to understand the current difficulties faced by artists, cultural and creative professionals as well as cultural institutions.

Irregular income and often atypical working patterns can lead to a multitude of difficult work conditions. Some of the current obstacles in the cultural and creative sectors include generative AI, self-employment, the struggles of crosss-border touring or insecure contracts. The definitions of artists vary widely across Europe which results in lacking portability of social security entitlements.

The obtained answers and collected first-hand impressions help in the creation of an actionable improvement plan. The initiators, the research firm Panteia and Culture Action Europe, strive to collect as much data as possible for a refinement of the framework to improve working conditions for artists and cultural workers.

Please take the 5-10 minutes to fill out the survey either as an institution or as an artist and reach out to project manager Martin Clarke, m.clarke[at], in case of questions. 

Deadline: 31 January 2024

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