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Swedish Institute Seed funding

The Swedish Institute provides funding for joint projects in which Swedish organisations meet transnational challenges together with organisations from the Baltic Sea region countries including Russia and the countries of the Eastern Partnership.

The seed funding can be used to start or expand collaborations aiming for example to:

  • conduct a feasibility study to develop a larger Baltic Sea regional project.
  • prepare an application for funding from a EU program or other source of funding.
  • establish new networks or expand and strengthen existing networks
  • initiate and develop cooperation between the EU Member States and non-member countries of the EU
  • collaborate with ongoing projects by cross-border nature

Furthermore, projects should help create conditions for long-term, sustainable relations in the region.

The seed funding is available for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russian Federation, Sweden and Ukraine.

The main applicant has to be based in Sweden. The application must include at least three actors in three different countries eligible for support, one of which is Sweden (as main applicant).

A project can run up to 18 months and apply for SEK 100,000 to SEK 500,000. There must be a clear connection to the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the framework of the EU Eastern Partnership.

The call for seed funding cooperation projects in the Baltic Sea region closes on 11 February 2021 at 15.00 (CET). The lists of the successful applications will be published on the Swedish version of the website around four-five months after the deadline for applications. More information can be found here.