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Tallinn Music Week 2021

The Tallinn Music Week is a multi-genre festival of unique talent across Europe and beyond with diverse genres from experimental electronica to metal to classical for tomorrow's music, arts and ideas.

Tallinn Music Week (TMW) is the key networking event for musicians and music industry professionals of the Nordic-Baltic region and across Europe, helping emerging acts break into the international music scene. This year's key topics such as "Think Global, Act Local", Sustainable Development, Music and Politics and other will adress the importance of a sustainable and fair future in the music industry.

The festival takes place until 2 October at the best venues and clubs of Tallinn consisting of three main programme parts: a music festival, conference and city festival. The music programme will bring together musicians from 19 countries, from Estonia to Palestine and from Russia to the United States. 155 artists, including 96 great acts from Estonia, will perform across 26 showcase nights. One example is Afrodelic, a new project by a Lithuanian guitarist/producer Victor Diawaras.

On 1 and 2 October the TMW Creative Impact Conference will take place at Nordic Hotel ForumClub HALL and in hybrid format. The Conferencewill explore the impact of art as an engine of the economy and provide inspiration, practical activities and networking opportunities for music professionals, artists, entrepreneurs and policy makers from a variety of backgrounds. The conference covers music-related topics from practical workshops and seminars to inspiring pop culture discussions and cross-industry visions of the future. More informations about the line-up and the festival can be found here.

Since 2017, TMW has been working with festival presenter Telia to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals in Estonia. The keywords of this action have been a caring digital culture, human-centric urban space development, inclusion of marginalised groups, gender equality and environmentally conscious behaviour.