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Open Call Versopolis

Versopolis is a European poetry platform that builds novel opportunities for emerging European poets and creates new possibilities for emerging European poets, fostering their growth and the circulation of their works.

Versopolis also provides translations of poetry into different European languages and publishes them in a variety of formats, such as e-books, printed booklets, online articles and the Versopolis poetry database. The platform organises a number of guest appearances at different European literary festivals. This facilitates opportunities for networking with respected stakeholders – festivals, literature organizations and other poets – around the world.

Since 2023 Versopolis is organising the Poetry Expo, the first digital fair dedicated to poetry, human creativity and literature that reaches 142,000 poetry lovers from all over the world. Poetry Expo aims to highlight the transformative potential of the art and literature in addressing current global issues and anticipating future developments. The second edition of Poetry Expo in 2024 will take place under the theme "Versing Futures: Unravelling Unity Through Poetry" with the sub-themes of "Climate Crisis and Poetry", "Technological Innovations in Literature", "Mental Health Narratives in Poetry", "Literature as a Tool for Social Equity", and "Global Unity and Collective Futures". The organisers are inviting the global arts and cultural community to propose their projects related to these sub-themes or other works that can influence, educate and mobilise audiences.

Literary institutions, organisations, collectives or associations, festivals, arts and cultural media, individual artists and anyone else who feels they can make a meaningful contribution to this initiative are welcome to apply until 15 December. Find more informationhere.