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Workshop Translate Political Theater

Drama Panorama is organising the workshop "Translate political theater" at the English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center in Berlin on 27 September. Registration is open until 23 September.

The workshop is divided into three sessions, one on the work of Roman Sikora, one on the theater of Hanoch Levin's theater, and a concluding joint discussion on the question of translating political theater. With working discussions, moderated and led by the respective translators, and impulsive contributions by the author Roman Sikora, the Israeli theater scholar Freddie Rokem and the director Antje Thoms. The two books with plays by Roman Sikora: Breakfast with Leviathan and by Hanoch Levin: Walking in the Dark, with textual examples, serve as the basis for the workshop.

The final session brings together the discussions on political theater and asks about the more broader conditions and challenges for translating political theater. Questions such as which contextualizations does translating political theater require and how, in turn, do certain interests in the target country determine which playwrights are translated and, above all, performed will be discussed.

Information about the motivation or professional background can be included into the registration form. The workshop will be accompanied by staged readings readings and panel discussions on the topic will take place the day before and the same day in the evening. More information (in German) can be found here.

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