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Atelier Josepha

In May 2018, Atelier Josepha celebrated its opening as a flexible showroom and workspace in Ahrenshoop. The studio offers artists a place of peace and inspiration between the Bodden and the Baltic Sea.

The studio providea a residence for one artist twice a year. A team of curators alternating selects among applying German and international artists that are invited to stay and work at the neighboring house Josepha.

The ‘Baltic Sea’ functions as main theme of the Atelier Josepha. The Baltic is a small ocean that occupies large spaces in history and collective memories of the littoral states. Its history is characterized by continuous exchange and close cultural integration, whereby the common sea has long been more decisive for the development of culture and cultures than the nation states in the hinterland. However, a look at the past also shows that only collective management and the creation of a shared identity can counteract ruthless exploitation. In this sense, Atelier Josepha creates a space of encounter with cultural and natural treasures, but also with the current and past burdens and challenges of the Baltics and its neighboring states.

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