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CCL - Creative Climate Leadership

What is Creative Climate Leadership?

Creative Climate Leadership is a programme for artists and cultural professionals to explore the cultural dimensions of climate change, and take action with impact, creativity and resilience. The success of the COP21 UN Climate Talks and the first universal agreement on climate change – the Paris Agreement – has called for urgent, collaborative and distributed leadership with creativity at its heart.

In the CCL consortium, ARS BALTICA represents the Baltic Sea Region and considers it extremely worthwhile to be part of this international project highlighting what the cultural sector can do to fight climate change. Staying up-to-date with international trends and being a part of such a network helps us to bring even more substance to the fight for more sustainability and against climate change, that several cultural players from the BSR have already begun.

Artists and the wider cultural community have a unique and critical role: they deal with the art of the possible and influence new ways of being, doing and thinking. Creative Climate Leadership supports cultural professionals to apply these qualities to the climate challenge.

Our international Creative Climate Leadership training courses took place in Wales and Slovenia in 2017. The courses aimed at artists and cultural leaders and we welcome applications from all creative disciplines and art forms. The intensive course will enable participants to apply environmental targets and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals meaningfully to their work, and explore what leadership means in the context of a rapidly changing world.

Get involved by signing up to our newsletter, registering for a training course, sharing the programme with your network, making a donation to the project, or sharing best practice in your community using #ccleaders.

Creative Climate Leadership is a partnership led by Julie’s Bicycle with On The Move, PiNA, EXIT Foundation, KRUG, ARS BALTICA, COAL and mitos21, funded by Creative Europe.