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ARS BALTICA is organising a CULTURE4CLIMATE (C4C) workshop on 4 August. The workshop is a chance to get involved in C4C itself, give concrete input to shape the project and to become a possible partner for a larger BSR-wide funded future project.

Linked to a common sea, the states of the Baltic Sea Region need to tackle the issues of climate change, rising sea levels and maintaining a clean sea together. While national subjective views and positions can set limits to politics and policy making, the cultural sector has the means and possibilities to go beyond those. CULTURE4CLIMATE (C4C) offers a collaborative forum where such sharing can be made possible, and where experience across disciplines and borders can focus on action, not only on intentions.

The C4C Initiative intends to develop a larger project until fall 2021. The Online Exploration-Workshop on 4 August offers a possibility to catch up on the findings of last C4C workshops, to exchange more views and ideas and to find a more concrete shape for the project.

Everyone who is interested in the project or wants to get involved, is welcome to register:

More information about the project can be found here.