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The Baltic Sea Region is a unique region linked to a common sea and at the same time facing the challenge of many differing national points of views on how to tackle climate issues and especially a clean Baltic sea. The fact of a common Baltic Sea underlines the need of transnational cooperation. Where politics and policy making are facing limits due to national subjective point of views and positions, the cultural sector can go beyond those limits.

Climate Change is the topic that we are all equally effected by, thus it is a very logical consequence that we have to connect and adapt beyond borders in the Baltic Sea Region. CULTURE4CLIMATE (C4C) offers a collaborative forum where such sharing can be made possible, and where experience across disciplines and borders can focus on action, not only on intentions.

The C4C Initiative has received INTERREG Seed Money to develop a larger project until fall 2021. Within the seed-money-phase there will be moderatd workshop sessions and partner meetings as well as ongoing research work exploring those further possibilities. Alongside several paralell events will link up to existing platforms and formats. In addition to this, we are planning a series of short interviews: C4C Coffee Talks. In this format, we would like to talk with cultural actors about their ideas and perspectives on arts and culture in climate change.

If you would like to find out more or even become a future project partner don't hesitate to get in touch with us!



20.04. > Salzburg Global Network Session Beyond Green

31.05. > Fehmarn Belt Days 2021 Panel/Worshop (SH)

08.-9.06. > EUSBSR Policy Area Culture > Funding Workshop

12.09. > NORDEN Festival C4C Workshop

22.09. > CBSS2030 & C4C

28.09. > EUSBSR Annual Forum C4C Panel / Workshop Session

8.10. > BSSSC Annual Conference Session (RU)

04.-5.11. > BSR Cultural Congress (DE)

03.-5.11. > Salzburg Global Network Beyond Green


C4C main partners: ARS BALTCA (GER), Council of Baltic Sea States (SE), Ecologic Institute (GER), Union of Baltic Cities (PL), Action University (DK), Kaunas Artists' House (LIT)

C4C Associate partners:Growing Pathways (DK), Change Pilots (PL), Climate Focus (GER), Baltic Sea Cultural Centre (PL)